Kick Ash Basket

Kick Ash Basket

Shake that ash, light that fire!

With the Kick Ash Basket you are making barbequing even more fun! Easily separate the coals from ash and as result make cleaning a breeze.

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Impression of the Kick Ash Basket

Separating the coals from the left over ash has never been so easy! Shake the Kick Ash Basket and you are ready to re-use your coals!

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Kick Ash Basket sitting at the bottom of a Big Green Egg

The Kick Ash Basket is available in many different versions that are suitable for a large number of barbeque models.

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Grate on top of a burning barbeque

Want to use a lot of coals? No problem! Because the Kick Ash Basket is sitting at the bottom of your barbeque you can add as many coals as you want.

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