Kick Ash Basket

Frequently Asked Questions


What size charcoal works in the Kick Ash Basket?

We mostly use lump charcoal. When you shake out the ash, some of the smaller pieces (~1/4inch to 3/8inch) will fall through. This is a good thing. The remaining charcoal is more open and ready to breathe in the fire.

What grills will the Kick Ash Basket fit in?

There are currently 6 models of the Kick Ash Basket.

Model Suitable for
KAB-14HD Large Big Green Egg, Primo Kamado, Black Bastard
And any grill that will hold a basket with dimensions of 9inch Bottom Diameter, 14inch Top Diameter and 4-1/4inch Deep
KAB-15HD 18inch Kamado Joe, Saffire Grill and Smoker, Large Vision Ceramic Grill
And any grill that will hold a basket with dimensions of 9inch bottom diameter, 15inch top diameter and 4-1/4inch Deep.
KAB-XL XL Big Green Egg
KAB-BJ Kamado Joe Big Joe
KAB-10HD MiniMax Big Green Egg
KAB-12HD Medium Big Green Egg

Check your grill's dimensions and give it a go! If you have more questions about the size of the Kick Ash Basket.

Do you use the Kick Ash Basket before every cook?

Absolutely! You should always shake your ash before you light your fire. It just gets things going quicker and easier.

What do you do with all of your ash?

We save all the ash and add it to our garden whenever the ash bucket gets full. What do you guys do with your ash? Maybe you shake your ash on the front lawn. Let us know on our Kick Ash Facebook page.

Are there any coatings that can burn off and affect my food?

The Kick Ash Basket is made from stainless steel. There are no coatings such as zinc, nickel or high temperature paint.

How much charcoal can the Kick Ash Basket hold?

Your Kick Ash Basket sits in the bottom of your grill and therefore you can add as much charcoal as you would without it even in your grill. Simply overflow the basket when you top it off. Then you only need to worry about what is left over when you go to fire it up again.

Can I find these in stores?

Het Luxe Buitenleven has models in stock in her shop. A selection of retailers has the models in their shop.

Is there a stainless steel version?

From now on all Kick Ash Baksets are made of stainless steel. Send a note to let us know you are interested at